Fixed My Shadow

My work gave me an HTC Shadow to use. Not great, not bad. It is an acceptable phone which makes it much better than my last phone. (Sprint ppc 6700- worst phone I’ve ever used.)

Somehow I broke the LCD in the phone. I called t-mobile and since we didn’t have insurance on the phone we were out of luck. A replacement would cost over $300. That didn’t make anyone happy. While I figured out what to do, I was given a G1 as a loaner. I used that for the last couple weeks and really liked it. But what I decided to do in the mean time was order a replacement LCD and try to fix it myself.

I got a new LCD from for $45, including shipping. It included a little pry tool for helping with disassembly. They also have a video on youtube that shows the Shadow LCD removal process. The part arrived, I followed the video and my phone is all better. $45 and an hour or so of fun pulling apart my phone vs. over $300 to replace it. Not a bad deal. So – I recommend based on this experience. They would have also fixed the phone for me for an additional $25. Which might be worth it for some folks. But I really had fun doing it myself.

I do think the video, they have taken that particular phone apart a few times because getting some of the clips undone wasn’t nearly as easy at it looked in the video. I also saved because I found someone who had a nice set of Torx screwdrivers that I could use. They aren’t hard to find on the web and repair sites sell them, but I didn’t want to if I could avoid it as I don’t know that I’ll ever need them again.

I was sorry to give the G1 back, it’s a lot nicer than the shadow. Though it is quite a bit bigger, so I guess there is that. But I feel pretty confident that my next phone will be an Android based phone.