Fedora 11 Upgrade Done

My Fedora machine has finished upgrading to 11. I didn’t time it exactly but it looks like it took roughly 4 hours. That’s primarily due to the fact that it’s an older and slower machine. No errors or issues at this point – the login page doesn’t have the blue sun with solar flares any more. The new one looks cool but I really liked that sun. Have to see if there is a way to get it back.

First thing I did was start up my synergy server – because using a full size keyboard is where it is at.

I’m pleased that things looked to have gone well. For a bleeding edge distro Fedora is pretty smooth. There are bumps of course, that’s part of being out front – finding and marking them but all in all I’m impressed with just how usable it is as a desktop OS.

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2 comments on “Fedora 11 Upgrade Done
  1. Rahul Sundaram says:

    Yes, there is a way to get it back.

    # plymouth-set-default-theme solar

    # /usr/libexec/plymouth/plymouth-update-initrd

    Install the package if needed

  2. JR says:

    Thanks Rahul – I really appreciate it!

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