Why the White House’s Embrace of Drupal Matters


Drupal developers are abuzz with the realization that the White House’s new Recovery.gov site was built using the free and open-source content management platform Drupal. Pre-Recovery.gov, the perhaps highest-profile use of Drupal had been the Onion website. But that’s not the only reason that Drupal fans are excited. I asked two CMS expert friends to help me understand the situation, and here are a few of the reasons they gave for why the White House’s embrace of Drupal is momentous:

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One comment on “Why the White House’s Embrace of Drupal Matters
  1. Kaleb Brasee says:

    Drupal is a fantastic CMS that works very well with custom modules and themes. A while ago I compared Drupal to Joomla and WordPress and definitely preferred Drupal for what I wanted to do. I used it on my site for a while and only stopped using it because I just like Java too much.

    Drupal even has a political framework built on it (civicrm.org), so I guess it makes sense that the White House would use it. Perhaps they can use the civicontribute module for fundraising, LOL.

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