Florida Cottonmouth Encounter

The whole family went for a bike ride today. We stayed within a couple miles of home but did try out new routes. We went down a dirt road that ended at a gate that was locked and there was a no trespassing sign. Vegetation was pretty thick around the road and there was some watery areas so I kept an eye out for snakes. We rode back up out of there and stopped by one of the large ponds near Wycliffe so the kids could get a drink and have a snack. We brought water and granola bars.

I stopped near some grates over pipes into the pond so we could walk out on them and look out over the water. It looks like maybe a spot to try fishing some time. There were some holes carved into the side of the pond so we told the kids to watch their step around them. As we all walked about looking, I looked back at one of the holes and saw a very large snake coiled up. So I gathered Ingrid and the kids away from it and then we watched it for a while. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it opened it’s mouth and that led me to believe it might be a cotton mouth. I checked online and it was definitely a Florida Cottonmouth.

We walked around right by it for a few minutes before we realized it was there. It’s a cool day here (for Florida) so maybe that helped keep it from wanting to be active. From what I’ve read they are like most animals anyway and stay away from people if they can. I’m still glad nobody got bit. Once we realized it was there we were able to appreciate it from a safe distance. Pictures below – click on them for larger. I took them with my phone so that aren’t that great.

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2 comments on “Florida Cottonmouth Encounter
  1. Michael says:

    Cottonmouth snakes are amongst the most venomous snakes in Florida. It is good to know that you all come back to your harm safely and were not bitten by this dangerous snake. Your post was certainly an interested read but I couldn’t able to see the pictures that you have posted at the end of your post :(

  2. JR says:

    For some reason all my photos from 2009 are missing – going to need to see if I can find them.

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