Windows 7 Beta – On Linux

I installed the Windows 7 beta today. It is running as a virtual machine in VirtualBox on my Fedora 10 machine. I gave it half the ram recommended – and the underlying hardware is a few years old – so it isn’t screaming along or anything but it is decent – and interesting.

I’ve already seen this said in a few places, but the similarities to KDE are striking. This is especially true with the launcher thing. VirtualBox doesn’t support the aero or glass or whatever it is – so I’m not seeing it with all the bells and whistles. I don’t run KDE that way either. The machine just can’t really do it well. It can do it, but things get too sluggish.

Anyway – I’ve installed a couple apps. Anti-virus and a special application I need for work. This is a test bed to see if I can run Linux as the primary OS on my next work laptop while windows runs as a virtual machine under that.

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