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I’ve been messing with KDE 4.1 on my Fedora box for some time now. This is an older machine – so I don’t normally have special effects turned on. They work o.k. but things do get just a touch laggy and I don’t like that. With them off, things are snappy – which I think is pretty impressive. I’ll just throw a few screen shots below the jump.

I don’t have a lot of plasmoids directly on my desktop. Most of the ones that I use are in the panel. I just have the two that display the contents of my desktop and home folders. Very nice and clean I think – I like it.

I switched around the favorites. It defaults to Konqueror for the web browser and Dolphin for the file manager. As you can see I’ve made Firefox the web browser and Konqueror the file manager. I’ve switched to conqueror as the default file manager for folders also – really never got the hang of Dolphin.

Here’s one thing I don’t care about – but seems to be popular lately. To see more info. on the app – one needs to do a mouseover. Why? The space for the information is already there. The new admin interface for WordPress does this too and it drives me nuts. There is no way to know what the information is without putting hte mouse in the right place. I find myself waving the mouse around looking for options or information I might have missed.

Another look at the kicker – this time with the applications menu up.

One of the cool special effects available is transparency of windows when they are being moved. Looks pretty slick I think. There are a ton of other effects – enhanced app switchers, effects for when windows close, etc. On a current box with good hardware it would be really smooth – on a machine that is a number of years old it still works fine, just too slow for my taste.

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