Twhirl on Fedora 9

I’ve been using twhirl as my twitter client on my windows machine. Today I thought – I must see if I can use it on my Fedora 9 box at work. So I went on over to adobe and downloaded the beta Adobe Air installer for Linux. According to the installation notes – this binary will install an rpm or deb package, so to use it, your distro needs to support one of those. I’m using Fedora, so no problems. Once it was installed – I went to the twhirl page and did a normal install of twhirl. The one thing I did need to do is use root privileges to install air and then the twhirl app. I imagine this would be a problem for some. I’m not sure if there isn’t a way around this- I haven’t tried to find one.

So twhirl is working fine and I’m sending out tweets from my linux box. Pretty Cool.

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