Good-Bye Oracle – Hello Lots of Stuff

October 10th is my last day as an Oracle DBA. After that – I start working as a person who provides technical resources to all of our staff over seas.

When a lot of people hear IT – they immediately think help desk. I’ve never done help desk. I’ve been a developer and done lots of application admin type stuff over the years – but no help desk. I end up in that role on an informal basis every so often, but I think everybody in my line of work runs into that.

The team I am joining, the Global Technology Office, is not all that big. So everybody pitches in wherever they are needed. It can mean lots of things. But what I’ve been told will be my little niche is providing help to developers outside the US that want to interface their systems with ours. An example would be someone out there trying to get WordPress or Drupal working with our identity management system.

This means I get to spend a lot of time focusing on stuff I really want to do – working with open source software. I can’t wait. It also means lots more working with MySQL. You have to take the bad with the good I guess. I’m stoked though – this is going to be really cool.

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