“New” Machine – Fedora 9 Install

I’ve been meaning to give F9 a spin for some time, as I mentioned a bit back. Just haven’t had time to knock it out. But yesterday I picked up a new-to-me machine and that will become my new linux box. It’s an HP home entertainment type system. It had XP on it, my net install of Fedora 9 is almost half done.

Tropical Storm Fay is supposed to be blowing through some time today so they shut down schools and my office. So I’m working on my laptop over the VPN while the install chugs along. Kind of worked out nicely.

The new tower is an HP Media Center Photosmart PC m7170n. It was a work machine for a co-worker but he just upgraded to an new one. It’s got a 4 gHz processor, 3 gig of ram and 250 gig of storage. The machine it replaces had a 2gHz processor, 2 gig of ram and 25 gig or so of storage – so this is a nice step up on every front.

It has lots of media oriented extras that I will probably never use – this will be at my desk in the office. But it should run Fedora very nicely, give me all the dev tools I need and even let me host stuff I’m working on nicely.

Well – I am working too. Trying to get some Jesus Film databases all set for them, so I guess I’d better get back to that.

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2 comments on ““New” Machine – Fedora 9 Install
  1. Mark L Taub says:


    You posted an amazon review of Mark Sobell’s Ubuntu book:


    I’m his editor,and I’m publishing a new edition and with your permission, I”d like to quote from your review in the new edition (on a praise page). May I have your permission to do so?



  2. JR says:

    That would be fine Mark – and I sent you an email with a little mroe info. Thanks.

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