Netbeans 6.0 is Final

Netbeans 6.0 is final and if you are a developer – you’d best go get it and check it out. But maybe you are not convinced. Maybe you ask, “What is in this for me, other than a free tool?” Well lets look at a quick list of what technologies are supported by this release of netbeans. Ajax , C/C++ , Databases , Desktop , Editor , GUI Builder , Java EE , Java ME , Java SE , Javascript , Mobile , Profiler , Refactor , REST , Rich Client Platform , Ruby , SOA , SOAP , UML , Web , WSDL , XML.

This is an immensely useful, open, free, multiplatform tool. It is the kind of thing that really gets me excited. (And no – I don’t have the day off – just waiting for some processes to complete and ran into a few interesting things I just had to point out here at me blog.)

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