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WP 2.7 RC2 via auto-update

Just upgraded from RC1 to RC2 using the automatic update feature available in 2.7. Painless and crazy fast. I hit the button – watched the steps scroll by and it was over. Upgrading will now actually be faster than backing

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WordPress 2.7 RC1

Word on the street was that anyone still on WP 2.6 should just move on over to 2.7 RC1 now – 2.7 final comes out tonight. I have to say that the new admin interface looks to be very, very

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WordPress – soon with Gears

I was just scoping out this piece on new WordPress 2.6 features and while it may only be exciting to the folks using WordPress, there was one part that jumped out at me as very cool. It was this, “WordPress

Posted in Geeks In Action, Google, Internet, WordPress Tagged with: , link posts is a social book-marking site. But I probably don’t need to tell you that. Anyway, they have a feature where you can set it up so that once a day, any new links you’ve posted there, get sent to

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Site Upgrade

If you hit the site in the last 4 minutes or so – you might have seen it hiccup as I moved to WordPress 2.3. I like to stay current for security more than anything. The new interface is pretty

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