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Journey Home

Fresh from the STS-126 mission space shuttle Endeavour, mounted atop its modified Boeing 747 carrier aircraft, flew over California’s Mojave Desert on its way back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Dec. 10, 2008. (Click on the image

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Is Nasa’s Ares Program Doomed?

Bit by bit, the new rocket ship that is supposed to blast America into the second Space Age and return astronauts to the moon appears to be coming undone. First was the discovery that it lacked sufficient power to lift

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2 On the Pad

Something that has only happened a few times before and will in all likelihood never happen again.Via the Orlando Sentinel Clicking on the picture will take you to a page with 6 more nice pictures by Red Huber.

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GLAST Lifts Off On Gamma Ray Mission

NASA’s Gamma-ray Large Area Telescope successfully launched aboard a Delta II rocket June 11. The spacecraft will study the highest-energy form of light, helping scientists to answer questions about supermassive black hole systems, pulsars and the origin of cosmic rays.

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Shuttle Folks Must Be Busy

Well, Atlantis undocked from the space station today. They should be back here in Florida on Wednesday if everything goes well.Out at Kennedy Endeavour rolled out to the pad. If all goes well, they will take off March 11th if

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Nasa Pics

Nasa has moved the picture of the day stuff and that broke the google gadget that I had displaying the photos. So I’ve yanked that out. It’s too bad, because I kind of liked that, but I’m guessing it was

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Yesterday’s Launch

So apparently this was Discovery’s 35th flight. Everything went nicely and they are on their way to install the Harmony module on the space station. I waited until the countdown got down to about 4 minutes and then headed downstairs

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