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Messing with App Inventor

I have been so busy I haven’t played with App Inventor in a long time. Yesterday I read an interesting article about MIT taking over the project. That got me wanting to get things set up again and see where

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Amazon Appstore for Android is Open

I got an email from Amazon today that their Appstore was open. I was able to install the Appstore app without any issues (apparently AT&T customers will have issues or have to do something different, that’s what the install notes

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Amazon App Store for Android

Looks like Amazon will be rolling out an app store for Android. This makes me happy. It’s two of my favorite things coming even closer together, sort of like chocolate and peanut butter I guess. Which reminds me of something

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Nokia Bike Charger and New Phones

When I talk to people about how mobile is changing the world, especially the developing world they often ask me how people who don’t have electricity charge their phones. I’ve got some nice pictures of places in Africa where one

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Android 2.0 is out

Android 2.0 is now available from Google. This puts to bed concerns about Google not releasing the sdk or perhaps being in some kind of exclusivity deal with Verizon around 2.0. The release notes give a nice overview of what

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I don’t have an iPhone, and unless something really unexpected happens, I don’t ever intend to own one. But I did find the White African review of iWarrior to be very interesting. iWarrior is a game created and developed completely

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