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Florida Cottonmouth Encounter

The whole family went for a bike ride today. We stayed within a couple miles of home but did try out new routes. We went down a dirt road that ended at a gate that was locked and there was

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Space Coast Marathon

Ingrid ran the Space Coast marathon today. This was her first full marathon, she has done a half before. I’m really proud of her. She set a schedule, stuck to it as best she could (life threw a curve into

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What’s My Bank Again?

So I thought I was going to become a CitiBank customer but now it looks like it is going to be Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is who I banked with in Arizona, but when we moved to Orlando, they were

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2 On the Pad

Something that has only happened a few times before and will in all likelihood never happen again.Via the Orlando Sentinel Clicking on the picture will take you to a page with 6 more nice pictures by Red Huber.

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Stupid People + Tropical Storm = Funny

Painful, but still funny. Somebody needs to slap one of those “Got Sand?” stickers on his forehead.

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Back From Vacation

We just got back into Orlando today. We spent the last week in the Tampa area – Treasure Island to be exact. It was a nice, relaxing time which was just what we needed.We spent a lot of time at

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There are lots of young critters running around now. I’ve been seeing a pair of sandhill cranes with a young chick quite a bit. Last night I went to work to print out our monthly newsletter and came across a

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